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ValuCast™ for CECL

ValuCast™ for ALLL

So you're ready to make the shift to CECL. ValuCastis easy to learn and adapt to your needs. Our flexible and transparent software ensures compliance and automates data manipulation so that you get the insights you need for a complete end-to-end solution.                                                                                                                             

  • Makes CECL compliance effortless 
  • Proven track record with CECL expertise
  • Fully integrate and cutover current Day 2 accounting requirements into the new CECL standard

Your organization may not be quite ready for the transition to CECL, but you can still get intelligent insights, great reporting features, and better user experience with ValuCast for ALLL (allowance for loan losses). And when the time comes to switch to CECL, you won't have to worry about switching vendors- just let us know and we'll transition you to ValuCast for CECL.                                     

  • Bridge between the current model and the upcoming CECL standard 
  • No downtime on the transition
  • Reduce manual entry errors

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum Flexibility

    ValuCast™ lets you transform data at the loan level, running multiple calculations on the loan loss. Work through different calculations and group loans together to see how they perform from the beginning of the model through the end.

  • Ultimate Transparency

    ValuCast™ is not a black box. You can see our processes at any step and drill down to get more details. Go from aggregated loans to loan-level detail in a click. There’s no need to run a report every time you want to see something – you can get analytics and explanation right off the screen within the software application.

  • End-to-End Solution

    ValuCast™ provides you with an end to end integrated process for computing your ACL and a robust reporting package. It also includes optional add-on accounting modules to tackle Recognition and Measurement, Day 2 Accounting for income recognition, and Stress Testing, all in one suite.

  • Easy Import

    Run multiple imports from different datasets, with different attributes in different orders, without having to reformat the information. Our intelligent algorithm means you can import, aggregate, and maintenance data from multiple core and subservice providers without having to standardize each entry – saving hours of laborious manual work.

See ValuCast™ in Action

The best way to determine if our ValuCast™ software is right for your business is to see it in action. Schedule a demo today!

  • Dynamic Data

    There’s no need to pull data points from external sources. Our dynamically updated data sources offer both external economic factors, like current interest or unemployment rates, and trend analyses and data pulled from your own portfolio. With ValuCast™ you’ll never need to create a separate spreadsheet of this data – it’s all baked in to the software.

  • Streamlined Reporting

    ValuCast™ offers comprehensive reporting that’s easy to tweak; for example, you can run a report on all past-due accounts for a given time frame, segmented by class. Our flexible, powerful software is designed with the final deliverable in mind, creating beautiful, functional reports that are ready to present.

  • Comprehensive Support

    Our industry and product knowledge is comprehensive—we built the software, we know how it works, and we can answer your questions before, during, and after setup. Our staff can help onboard your team, implement the software, and answer any questions you have about CECL. Our product development includes full stack developers and quality assurance analysts as well as many CPAs on staff who can answer your questions quickly.

  • Better User Experience

    Our tabbed interface is easy to navigate and offers a better user experience for both CECL and ALLL applications. ValuCast™ maintains a balance between the granularity of loan level analysis without sacrificing big picture analysis and reporting. Assumptions and inputs are sticky, which reduces manual errors and saves time quarter to quarter.

ValuCast™ is Fully Customizable

ValuCast™ is an essential tool in allowance for loan and lease losses accounting that can be tailored to any size financial institution. Run multiple types of loss methodologies with any combination of dates and loans against the most common loss methods, and compare the results instantly on your screen.

  • Open Pool
  • Vintage
  • Lifetime PD/LGD
  • DCF
CECL and ALLL Software
  • Change factors within the model yourself—no need to call in a programmer.
  • Assign roles in the application to create read-only permissions for auditors and regulators.
  • Calculations of Probability of Default, Loss Given Default, and Net Charge Off Rates are completed at the loan level allowing the user maximum flexibility and transparency.
  • Define bank-level settings such as loss methodology selections and lookback/observation periods defined, impairment criterion for specific review populations, and acquired loan application, if applicable.
  • Customize pooling using mappings and cohort groupings that utilize various attributes from source information as well as ability to create user-defined flex fields.
  • Alter and analyze varying loss rate calculations instantaneously through user-defined cohort segmentations.
  • Store user information and permission settings that restrict access on who can load files, view reports, and make administrative/user changes.

CECL Consulting

Need help prepping for CECL? Our CECL consulting services can help you prepare for the new standard and approach the transition with confidence.