Why Valuant?

  • Proven Track Record

    Under the current Incurred Loss Model, we have experience measuring losses using various methodologies various methodologies and calculations to include net charge off, loss emergence period, PD and LGD, 310-10 to include discounted cash flow modeling, and qualitative components of the process. We also have extensive experience in life of loan concept calculations employing point-in-time and through-the-cycle methodologies that are a must-have in the new world of CECL.

  • Adaptable and Flexible

    Our tools can be tailored to any size financial institution. In addition, our team has extensive experience in cutting over complex financial models from previous providers onto the ValuCast platforms. We have the ability to fully integrate and cutover current Day 2 accounting requirements into the new CECL standard. With CECL implementation, we strive to provide our clients a high level of responsiveness, cutting edge and flexible development, and consideration of user feedback for a collaborative development process.

  • Dynamic Analyses

    The Valuant team has extensive experience in implementing complex accounting standards in a simplified manner. We have maintained a balance between the granularity of loan level detail and big picture analysis and reporting. Our ValuCast models provide robust analyses and what-if scenarios for capital planning prior to implementation. We work with our clients to develop detailed timelines and road maps for implementation as well as the documentation support process for strong governance controls.


Valuant's leadership team has the expertise, knowledge, and vision to help our clients streamline business processes, gain actionable business intelligence, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Some of Our Clients

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Valuant empowers management teams with the analytical tools and services needed to maximize profitability in the complex world of financial modeling.